June 25, 2019 Service Providers

Aptus Treatment Centre

Aptus Treatment Centre has been committed to Achieving Potential Through Unique Services for people with complex disabilities since 1979 by being leaders in sensory therapies, support residences and innovative programming.

Aptus supports people who have both a developmental disability and a mental health disorder, also called “dual diagnosis.” For example, 69% of people supported by Aptus have Autism and over 30% have anxiety disorder.

Aptus offers:

  • State-of-the-art multi-sensory rooms
  • Kitchen learning centres to develop life and job skills (launching in spring 2017)
  • Year-round environmental learning at the Aptus Teaching Landscape
  • Music and/or art programs
  • Fun activities for children, youth or adults after-school, weekends or summer camp (Respite programs)

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