April 17, 2019 Service Providers 0 Comments

Partners for Planning

As a family formed and led organization we know that planning for a person living with a disability takes effort and intention. From relationship building to school transitions, community involvement, financial objectives and more – very little happens without planning. Families must envision, strategize and above all, take action. The Planning Network helps you navigate each step and life stage, empowering you with all the right tools and inspiration along the way. The Planning Network is an innovative online hub of FREE resources that focuses on six key planning areas:

  • Planning and Creating a Vision
  • Nurturing Friendships and Relationships
  • Work, Roles and Community
  • Legal & Financial Planning
  • Creating Options for Home
  • Provincial and Federal Supports

Additionally, the Planning Network features over 40 webcasts, videos, digital booklets and many other resources. With over 100 partner organizations referring families and caregivers to the Planning Network, it has become the go-to planning resource for families in Ontario.