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MyCommunityHub is an online registration tool for activities, classes, programs, workshops, day respite and camps offered by various developmental service agencies across the Greater Toronto Area.

As of February 17th MyCommunityHub will see 7 pilot agencies work through all of the challenges in order to set the system up effectively and efficiently, they include Christian Horizons, Community Living Toronto, Corbrook, Kerry's Place Autism Services- Toronto Region, Meta Centre, Reena, and Vita Community Living Services. At the end of year 2 (2016), 13 more agencies will be introduced into MyCommunityHub and finally in year three (2017) the remainder of the agencies will have an opportunity to join MyCommunityHub and start showcasing what they offer.

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If you don't find what you're looking for here, have a look at ConnectABILITY's Fee for Service Program Directory.

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